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Treburley Physiotherapy clinic treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, ranging from back and neck conditions, sports injuries, arthritic joint conditions, pre and post-operative rehabilitation, postural and biomechanical assessment, and much more.


At Treburley Physio we look at the whole person and treat accordingly. Acupuncture supports the body’s ability to heal itself. Most people find the experience very calming and feel a pleasant sense of relaxation with treatment.

Welcome to our clinic

Are you looking for a good physio in East Cornwall or West Devon?

We would like to help. With years of experience, enthusiasm and love for body mechanics, we can get you moving again.

We can effectively relieve your symptoms to get you back to life, work and sport activities with renewed energy.

Physiotherapy is a dynamic profession using a wide range of techniques to help patients maximise their recovery and potential. At it's best, it is a partnership between therapist and patient that helps to actively restore physical and psychological wellbeing.

At Treburley Physio we aim to treat our patients holistically, so we will take account of your health status and the influences and impact that stress and lifestyle may have on your overall recovery.

We will aim to address your most significant problem areas with a tailored package of treatment and advice. Whether you have a sports injury, whiplash, suffer with joint, muscle or spinal pain, need postural advice or guidance to manage your pain or stress levels, we can help!

Once we have provided quick and efficient treatment of your problem, we will endeavour to equip you with the knowledge needed to assist you to maintain the improvement and self-manage any future problems.



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