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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions and concerns that patients have.

If there are other matters that concern you please send an email or call the clinic on  01579 371081.
An answerphone will take your message out of hours, or if Kate and Jen are otherwise engaged.


I am very nervous about all this. Can you help?

Yes. Part of the successful treatment involves a relaxed and stress free atmosphere. We will put you at ease.


Can I bring a relative or friend?

Yes, please do.


I am not sure my problem will be solved by physiotherapy, or any similar treatment.

Your physiotherapist will discuss your condition and symptoms with you. If she can help, she will explain what she can do, and how likely it is to be effective.  If it is a matter that should be referred to a doctor or specialist she will advise you.


Does this sort of treatment work?

Best evidence-based practice is used. There are satisfied patients all over the country. If your problem is not appropriate for treatment by physiotherapy, you will be advised.


Can I help myself?

It is likely that your treatment programme will include home exercises and self-help advice.


How long will a course of treatment last?

This can only be decided at the initial consultation. It can vary from one or two sessions to a dozen or more.


How can I contact the clinic?

Contact details are given via the link, below. New patients may self-refer to the clinic, or may be referred by their GP, Hospital Consultant or insurance company.




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